Field Day 2024

You don’t want to miss one of the most exciting amateur radio events of the year! For 24 hours straight, starting June 22th at 2 PM through June 23th at 8 PM, ICARS will be honing our skills as amateur radio operators. Using portable equipment and improvised antennas, we will be on the air non-stop, attempting to make as many local and worldwide radio contacts as possible.

Ham radio operators provide valuable communications during emergencies in places where regular communication systems are non-existent or have been destroyed by accidents or natural disasters. Field Day is an opportunity to practice our emergency response capabilities and demonstrate our skills to the general public. We also camp out, cook, and have a lot of fun. Come see us to learn about amateur radio and join the fun!

Take Your License Exam

We are also hosting a Ham Radio license exam session (all levels from Technician to Extra) on Saturday, June 25 from 9 AM to 12 PM.

First-time test takers must register for an FCC Registration Number before the test. For more information about FCC Registration Numbers, how to obtain one, or how to update your existing one, go to the FCC’s website.

Contact Ed Puckett ([email protected]) to preregister and/or ask questions.

Testing fee: $12

Field Day & Exam Location

Kingfisher Pavilion
Lake Norman State Park
Statesville NC 28677

Click the map below for directions to our Field Day location within the park: