Working the Satellites

Thanks to Kevin, N4UFO, we made TWO Satellite contacts at Field Day!

Kevin made it look easy! This equipment he used was:

Two Yaesu FT-817’s

An Arrow Antenna.

Or course, Kevin’s greatest tool was – his knowledge., gained by his experience working many satellites.

Thanks Kevin!



Are you interested in making a Satellite contact? A few members have expressed interest. Our ultimate goal is to make a Satellite contact during field day. If you have any interest, can lend a hand or just pass on some helpful knowledge, please contact your Activities committee.

Thanks to Jimmy N4SZF, here is information on making your own Satellite Antenna. Thanks Jimmy!


The Arrow II antenna is about $89 and the duplexer is another $59.  This one is the same 3 elements on 2 meters and I think it is one less element on 440.  But for ~25$ is worth a try.

The PCB’s for the duplexer is $3.50 each from Far Circuits and the parts are less than $10.  Therefore, the duplexer can be built for about $15.

I have the parts on order for the duplexer but the pcb’s are all in Dayton this week.  If he didn’t sell out at Dayton, he can ship he pcb’s next week.

I have my antenna assembled all but the VHF driven element.  Hope to have that assembled this week and I am going to try AO85 using two radios.

Have fun and let me know if I can answer any question from my experiences so far.


Jimmy (N4SZF)


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