Troutman Independence Day Parade

the Annual Troutman Independence Day Parade will be held on July 1st in Troutman. There is a sign up sheet for positions available. Please pick your favorite or you will be assigned a place to serve. If we have more sign up or show up, we can double up at several of the positions.

Bring your handheld radios with fresh batteries. Bring water and sun shield or hat.

Meet at Troutman Town Hall at 8:00 AM. BISCUITS AND COFFEE AVAILABLE.
Final instructions and check in before moving out to your assignments.
Fairgrounds open at 9:00 AM for parade entries to begin to line up.
Radio stations will be in place by 10:00 AM. Liason need to be in place to assist with connections to other parade officials.
Parade starts at 11:00 AM. Exits Fairgrounds onto Hwy 21 and proceeds through town to Troutman School.
Participants and floats return to Fairgrounds to pick up cars and disassemble some of the floats. When all have returned, you will be released by net control.

Net Control is located at the Town Hall. Two hams will be needed at net control. All communications should be directed by and through Net Control.

Positions are as follows:
Let me know if you need anything further.


Johnny Levan



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